You Are Not My Sister - Original Poem

By Jasmine Green

Warzone c.2017

Bubblegum Pink pussy hats As unmelanated as your false revolutions Bright pink as blatant as your othering Pink pussies as fake as your feminism Woven in, your privilege and your ignorance amongst woolen threads Covering your previously angel pasta hair Tangled and matted to look like mine Representations of Africa as long as they are scrubbed white Cheering on pussy power and sisterhood You are not my sister

White feminism is opaque Paint my skin white to become your equal Silence the native prayer and blow out her sage Stitch pussylips under trans woman's hips to name her "she" If I ain't your clone, do I still deserve equality? You are not my sister

A sister would not require that I bathe my black voice in bleach to be heard She would not require I peel back my lips That I scratch at my own throat until she sees the blood is of her own red hue She would not protect self-proclaimed runaway slave masters Use our labor, call us mules for liberation Gathering the marginalized at the margins to center herself Radical as long as she is comfortable Comfortable as long as she is not held accountable She would not use my outspoken heroes to silence me

Is it, for you, only about pussy?

Is that why all your glittery signs of uteruses, vaginas, cats, all pussies Drowned out our pleas for humanity? Is that why you'd be at brunch if it were Hillary? Is that where you are when we are demanding that our lives matter? Is that why you "gifted" Harriet's statue with womanhood As if it not truth that Sojourner had to beg white women for hers? If you would give the effort of adorning copper statues with pussy hats To helping copper-toned women end police brutality We'd all be free But we ain't all free There are women with poisoned waters, silver and black like a witches brew Poor women, imprisoned mothers Women who are fighting to live in the only country they ever knew Femmes and trans women are fighting to remove the targets painted on their skin Especially those with dark skin Black mothers fighting for their sons to be humans, not hashtags Women fighting for daughters, sons, husbands, wives Girls of color stolen because they won't be searched for And some women just want to survive

Don't get me wrong, It is not only you but it is You, you, you who wants to be in this movement So be here for us, too


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