Letter to a Blue Girl - Original Poem

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

By Jasmine Green

Baptism, c. 2017

Blue girl, I'm writing this letter to you to apologize I know others might have seen you there Laying an inch beneath water you can't break Staring through what encases you a mere touch from sunlight and oxygen You are cold and suffocating You look as tranquil as the soft waves But death oftentimes looks peaceful I see you And I am sorry

Blue girl, I see you drifting away With trembling lips and wet eyes Sinking the more you absorb The essence of life unable to sustain you

Don't you know that you see blue because you have absorbed all other colors And now blue is the only color you see?

Blue girl I write this letter to you because I still have scars of the chemical burns That resulted from those indigo dyes seeping into my skin I have lived life in a world shaded cerulean I have breathed in lead and swallowed anchors That weighed me down farther and farther into blue seas that turned black

Blue girl, all wars make warriors weary All battles drain energy Battering your battery Waiting for the bolt of energy in the middle of a monsoon Or the warmth of a fire to dry your waterlogged skin

All of my shirts hold your tiny blue fingerprints And in all of their melancholy, They are lovely Because they are yours And they are proof you are still here

#blackmentalhealth #poetry


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