She Be - Original Poem

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

By Jasmine Green

2033 c.2015

Why should I be ashamed of my thighs? All they've ever done was carry me Fill out jeans with vivacious life Respond like ribbons to the throw of my hips Tingle under late night touches Grasp the breeze as I walk as hands take wind from car windows My hamstrings are lined with pearls Tuned like guitar strings strumming my song with every step Big yellow thighs Thunderous presence Shango’s joy Delicately dimpled Victorious Whirlpools to get sucked into Short and stout like your grandmother's soup pot Carrying the whispering scent of home and comfort

Why should I be afraid of my belly? Yummy tummy Stretched with maturity Marks charting my exit from child to woman Burrowing little clay-brown rivers flowing to the deltas of my pelvis before opening into deeper oceans My middle contains lava, gold, and honey Blues and rhythm, waves and beats Jiggle and sway Seasoned like gumbo Stirred slow Simmer Soft enough to invite arms to wrap around But strong enough to prop me like an ancient cypress Thrusting my face into sunlight Keeping me there

My body is my diary The pain, sorrow, love, and joy collecting like deposits on my spine A raft to brave unkind seas The CV is written into my helixes Deeper than the reality of how she’ll change Deep enough to be unchangeable Sewn to the bones and stitched between the lobes of my brain is the love she gave me before I did She feels, she breathes, She be’s And in being, she is bliss

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