Color Theory - Original Poem

By Jasmine Green

BAM! c.2017

Color blindness is to racial healing as a band aid is to stab wounds

Sorry if I sound harsh, here but

This is a conversation overdue

Shelved innocuously while I've listed to people raucously refer to the beauty in color blindness

You know, the "I don't see color" type while my phenotype still put under social viewing light?

And I while I listen, I think of my grandma's living room

Her old black and white TV set underneath one of full color

The revolution was televised

But regression is always in reach

I understand the intention

But is no grace in erasing what makes this country vibrant

No, I see colors

The curtains of cerulan billowing on hijabi woman's head

The deep maroon cover of a Shabbat prayer book read

The dancing of Kelly green in the eyes of Hispanic child

Mild yellow on trans woman dress

Pops of bright orange on signs of intersectional political protest

Ultramarine turban on Sikh solider

Serene violet bow tie on grandfather getting older

Crimson metal bracelet on student's only arm

Charming petal pink Syrian baby cheeks in smile wide

Heavy black jacket on retired veteran brimming with pride

The soft lavender at the ends of braids worn by black girl carefree

The culmination of colors combined in flags of LGBT plus

The ranging rainbow of melanin in skin

Cream, sienna, umber, hickory

A patchwork symbolizing what it means to pursue happiness and liberty?

How can you see it as anything short of a victory?

I do, in a way, understand

Things are changing

Tough conversations are

Hard but they are necessary

Like peroxide on the wound

Raw and tender as it may be

Fear not what burns in the moment

But what will fester later

And, for many of us, it's been festering like American dreams deferred

Like televisions the definition of an American citizen only grows higher

And I await the day you see it too



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