Black Girl Absolute - Original Poem

By Jasmine Green

Queen of Spring c.2017

You are more than a comparison.

You are not a carbon copy made of black carbon to compare to white counterparts who are not even equal to the parts of your brains or your beauty

No sums, no substitutions

You are diamonds

Amalgamations of the finest of dark earth shining with deep iridescence from your smiles to your fingertips

Your face is enough to sail your own hundred ships, so I will not stoop to comparing you to Helen

You are heavenly, clouds replicated in the curls of your crown

Stormy black to reflect your determination to rock every boat

Chop every sea and to surpass all 20,000 leagues

By your very presence

You are not chocolate to be consumed

A passing indulgence for those who push upon you taboo and sin

And sexuality before you reach age 10

No, you are magic

The kind that is persecuted

By the jealousy of hot flames

Immutable and rebellious as you refuse to burn

You are not worthy by your titles of relation as a sister, a mother, a daughter, a lover

You, you are worthy.

You are love personified

Familial, esoteric, eternal like hope

Beautiful queens of spring

Exposing the gold of your soul with every skimming of sunlight to your skin

You are alchemists by existing

Transforming oppressions into expressions

Wrapping the hatred like scarves

Around your temples and baptizing them glorified

If your exuberance makes them horrified

Become their nightmares

It matters not what they think

You are ink, graphiti, Nefertiti

Chromecrast with the temerity

Of a bomb blast

Your mark will not be erased

No matter how hard they scrub

Their fingers can bleed in their ferocity to clean you off their slate

To remove the dance of your spice and seasoning from their plates

But they can never wash you away

You are permanence

You are elegance

You are absolute, whole, one hundred percent

To my mars black sisters of volcanic creation

Forced to fight wars of your own humanity

To the copper women, charcoal empresses, and goddesses of amber hue

From one black girl to another

You are more than comparisons

You are the standard.


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