Analog - Original Poem

By Jasmine Green

Prevail c.2017

Did you know that if you listen

Ever so closely to my veins

You will hear a soft ticking

In my blood is the concept of circular time

A checklist with noted sounds of pens clicking

To check off when history has repeated itself

Ticking, like progress that, no matter how hard earned always seems to find its way back to zero

Like clockwork, when blood works it's way from foot to head

Public narrative will excuse another black body dead

At the first quarter

We hear of brick wall borders

Around half past the government will poison who was here first

And at last mark pain will be belittled

Death by a million needles

An hour passing by seconds

Until we come back to zero

Time is circular

Fixed to one space

Seeming unattainable like clocks in classrooms you wish would just move a little faster

Knowledge of the outcome doesn't stop the disaster

When others refuse to learn analog time

When people try so hard to not look back in favor of an ignorant now

Ignoring that nagging deja-vu feeling of being here before

New people, same oppressions

Same vocabulary, different weapons

And constant repetitions of the same lessons, clockwork

The answer is in the roots

This land ticks like a minefield A premonition of conflict

Blood of my predecessors soaked into the ground

Seeding a promise

Of hoping that perhaps in redirecting blood from channels within

From body to soil

That they could change our future

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