Curriculum Vitae




Jasmine Green is a Black visual artist born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Growing up in Pittsburgh, a city known for both being one of the most segregated major cities in the country as well as a city with the worst overall outcomes for Black Women in terms of health, happiness, and success, positive representations of Black Women were few and far in between. In unlearning the indoctrination of white supremacy within her school district that was only officially desegregated in 1981, Jasmine strove to create artwork that could tell the story of black women in as bold and creative ways as possible. 


She works almost exclusively in acrylic paint, with the brief inclusion of markers, clay, jewelry, and found materials. Her art style sees her subjects and their surroundings saturated in rich and bright colors on large canvases. The colors are also paired with organic features, specifically flowers, water, animals, fruit, and insects. The subjects themselves almost swallow up the entire foreground to be as close as possible to the audience, oftentimes leaving little space for either solidly colored or lightly decorated backgrounds. This is to reinforce the humanity of black people and, more specifically, black femmes, where their size and approximation (as well as the lack of visual noise in the background) makes it almost impossible not to focus on and connect with them emotionally in both times of celebration and of loss or pain. The addition of organic materials represents a resilience of spirit, which is a survival skill among society’s most oppressed people and specifically black women and femmes. The paintings give a sense of blooming no matter the circumstance, as if refusing to give in to a society who’d rather see them crushed than prosperous.


Jasmine is currently a member of 1Hood Media, an artist collective based in Pittsburgh that is dedicated to utilizing art as a means of raising awareness about social justice matters affecting people around the world. She participated in the Activation Residency in 2019, which was a black and black queer informed micro-residency focused on how marginalized artists can communicate in primarily white cishet spaces.

Professional Experience

Workshop Assistant - Center for Creativity at the University of Pittsburgh  | Oakland, PA

March 2020 - Present. The main thrust of this position is to work with members of the University of Pittsburgh to cultivate and inspire creative expression. This is done by learning and educating about different art styles and mediums, developing workshops to help participants refocus on a type of creative expression, and by creating content that explains our creative processes in new and inventive ways. 

Exhibition Chairing & Curation

Don't Look Away: Because Mattering is the Minimum; An exhibition at the University of Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA

Exhibition upcoming in Fall 2021. This exhibition recognizes the work done and the work still left to do to achieve true equity: to not only honor the lives we have lost and affirm that Black lives do indeed matter, but also to celebrate and spotlight the Black experience as essential to our community’s future. Works might retrieve the lessons learned from past generations about love, family, and supporting one another; reflect on breaking cycles of generational trauma and how to create new and just futures; respond to the contemporary movement and how it has changed the public consciousness; and remind the world that outside of death, there is Black life. Because mattering is the minimum.

"Flowers While We're Still Living" in collaboration with the Women in the Arts Network, a group hosted by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council | Pittsburgh, PA

August 2020. A virtual arts exhibition centered around the theme: “Why do we so often only talk about Black lives once they have been lost? While it is important to fight for those who were killed unjustly and tear down the systems that allow such injustice to continue, we must also be willing to speak up for, celebrate, and protect those who are still among us. Don’t wait until we are dead to give us our flowers; let us have them while we can still smell them." Artists selected to participate presented works centering on the themes of life, grief, mental wellness, and the movement for Black lives.

Panels & Media 


Panel Appearances

Radical Artivist Panel - Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit | Pittsburgh, PA

When Bessie Smith—the Empress of the Blues—recorded “Back-Water Blues”, she did not have just any flood in mind. It was the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 about which she sang and the Black residents of Tennessee who withstood the heaviest damage from where the flood started whose experiences she immortalized. When Octavia Butler wrote the “Parable of the Sowers” and “Parable of the Talents”, she did not have just any apocalyptic society in mind. It was the institution of American democracy gone awry with fascism and modern slavery that she envisioned vividly as a warning sign; the people’s efforts in the novels were her blueprint for how communities could resist, reshape, survive. What is the role of the arts—especially intentional, critical, radical art—in a time of collective turmoil and grief? How might the arts and the artists spark transformation and carry movements? Our panel of radical artists and artivists will explore these critical questions in our last 75-minute panel of the Summit.

Black to the Future: A Festival of Art, Social Justice, and Dreaming (Panelist) | Pittsburgh, PA

Black to the Future: A Festival of Art, Social Justice, and Dreaming is a reframing of what it means to celebrate Black History Month. The festival has an eye toward the relationship between remembering and reimagining; it’s a way to honor the past while simultaneously imagining the future we want to live in. With concepts from AfroFuturists in mind, the festival brings together “the imagination, technology, the future, and liberation” via experimentation and a redefinition of culture and blackness itself. It also focuses on the critical impact of art, poetry, and music in helping to change culture so that what we dream might actually become reality.

University of Pittsburgh Television 1-Week Film Festival (Judge) | Pittsburgh, PA

This is a weeklong festival themed “America Today”, in which creators would create short films reflecting what the country looked like to them.


Media Appearances

United Shades of America; S5 Ep1: “WHERE DO WE EVEN START WITH WHITE SUPREMACY” (Interviewee)| Pittsburgh, PA

In this episode, W. Kamau Bell interviewed artists within 1Hood Media on our perspectives regarding white supremacy and homelessness, as well as the important role art plays within activism.

Residencies & Studio Memberships

Artist Residency - Short Term

Activation Residency: Where Stars and Bodies Collide | Woodridge, NY

This residency was a black and queer informed 4-day residency focusing on how marginalized artists communicate through artwork in primarily white cishet spaces. Piece cultivated through this event, “No Cream No Sugar” was gifted to the curator of Residency


Studio Membership

Redfishbowl Studio | Lawrenceville, PA (September 2019-October 2020)

Awards & Grants

Competition & Showcase Awards

Honorable Mention - Sociocultural Topics | The 2020 Art of Diversity Showcase and Competition with the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Diversity and Inclusion

The Art of Diversity Showcase through the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Diversity and Inclusion gathered thousands of submissions relevant to aspects of cultural identity, sociocultural topics, or social justice issues. Each category resulted in two honorable mentions and one overall winner.  Jasmine received an honorable mention for her poem “Thrift” in the Sociocultural Topics category.

Second Place Finalist  | The 2018  Black History Month Poetry Slam;  the Black Action Society with the University of Pittsburgh

This was a poetry slam  held by the Black Action Society within the University of Pittsburgh as part of their month-long celebration of Black History Month. Jasmine performed the poems “Spine”, “Analog” and “Passive” in this slam, and finished as the second place finalist.

1st Place Finish | The 2011 Talent Show with Woodland Hills High School

This was a talent show available to all students within Woodland Hills High School. Jasmine won the talent show with the poem “Passive”.

Individual Artist Grants

1Hood Media Artivist Academy  | North Oakland, PA

Artivist Academy grant is meant to aid selected artists in the creation of new activist arts, across a wide range of mediums and styles. Participated in the 2018-2019 cohort (resulting in the creation of the Skin Like Barbed Wire series), and the 2019-2020 cohort (resulting in the Safe and Sound piece)

Art Instruction

Art Instruction - Long Term

Art Teacher - Manchester Youth Development Center | Manchester, PA

Designed class plan per semester in line with STEAM guidelines, to fill a need for visual arts education in the after school program that was not yet met.

• Introduced students to different technologies such as projectors and laptops to aid in the artistic process

• Instructed students on how to identify qualities of iconic artwork and how to incorporate these qualities into their own works

• Incorporated warm-up activities into the beginning of each class to instill creativity, the transition between playtime and class time, and solidify bonds between classmates

• Increased student involvement into their own education by having them decide as a class their final project and steps to get there

• Guiding students through the presentation of their works, in order to bolster public speaking skills, as well as the process of learning through teaching others

Art Instruction - Short Term

1Hood Media Academy Intensive IV: Who am I, Who are We? Visual Media Course | North Oakland, PA

In this course, I and another 1Hood visual artist lead a course on portraiture and mural artworks, and how this reflects in the black and PoC identity of understanding the self and how one fits into the greater whole.

Paintings of Intention - Birthday Party | Homestead, PA

In this instruction, I created a project called “Paintings of Intention”, inspired by the person who was being celebrated. These paintings consisted of the use of colors and symbols to express goal building and motivation to reach an aspiration for the upcoming year. From there, we went step by step with building a foundation to their goals, identifying the behaviors and attitudes that would help them along the way, and centering the goal itself with a symbol to stand out among the rest.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Painting and Creativity Activity | Oakland, PA 

In this instructional session, I led our group of 30 "Bigs and Littles" in an open creativity painting activity, in which the pairs had to paint what they were excited about for Summer.

 “Art with a Sip” Black Action Society  | Oakland, PA 

In this instructional session, I aided 40 people in painting a black woman’s profile and aiding them in exploring acrylic paint and color theory. This took place as part of the Black Homecoming celebration week.

Performances & Exhibitions


“F**k the System” : Multi-disciplinary performances by Jasmine Green & Farooq Al Saïd; hosted by City of Asylum and 1Hood Media | North Side, Pittsburgh, PA

In this performance, I recited 13 original poems relating to systems of oppression, including classism, racism, intersectional injustices, social erasure, and police brutality. This show was put together by City of Asylum and 1Hood Media, working in collaboration to host three nights of art and activism performances.


Individual Exhibitions

Weeklong Celebration of Black Womanhood at Kimbo Gallery | Oakland, PA

The Path Forward, A Conversation with Dr. Cornel West | East Liberty, PA

Black Families in the Fight with Michael Eric Dyson, Christian Carter, Michelle Kenney, Traci Johnson, and Jasiri X | East Liberty, PA

A Conversation with Rakim & Bakari Kitwana at The Andy Warhol Museum | Allegheny Center, PA


Group Shows & Exhibitions

Westmoreland Museum MLK Celebration 2020 | Westmoreland, PA

A Spectacular Black Girl Art Show |  Atlanta, GA

Ujamaa Collective Holiday Market | Hill District, PA

“Mysterious Sh*t” Album Release Party | Lawrenceville, PA

Deustchtown Festival  | North Side, PA

All Scene 6  | Millvale, PA

Under the Bridge  | Homestead, PA

Human Chain  | Homestead, PA

Lawrenceville Art Crawl  | Lawrenceville, PA

“Dear White People” Movie Screening and Convo w/JCC  | Hazelwood, PA

Free Sudan Feed Yemen  | North Oakland, PA

Antwon Rose Benefit Concert  | East Liberty, PA

Wilkins Block Party  | Oakland, PA

1Hood Artivist Academy | North Shore, PA

It’s a Natural Thang Pittsburgh Natural Hair Meetup | East Liberty, PA 

Writings on the Wall Series  | Shadyside, PA

Canvas of Words Poetry Series II  | East Liberty, PA 

Canvas of Words Poetry Series III  | East Liberty, PA 

First Friday Gallery Exhibition at Level Up Studios  | Garfield, PA 

Women’s Empowerment Week with Pitt Program Council & Student Government Board  | Oakland, PA

Contracted Work

Independent Contracted Work

Carnegie Museum of Art: Celebration of Teenie Harris  | Oakland, PA

Pipeline Album (Album Art Designing) | North Oakland, PA

Education & Training

Traditional Education

The University of Pittsburgh | Oakland, PA 

Bachelors of Arts in Social Sciences (Psychology, Anthropology, Africana Studies), 2012-2018

Woodland Hills High School | Churchill, PA 

HS Diploma, 2009-2012



1Hood Media Teaching Artist Praxis  | North Oakland, PA

6-week course on effective art education methods and strategies for engaging students in the material